Clusters are relentless !

After trying a newer medication, Aimovig once a month for 3 months, I saw not relief at all. I hate to take medications that are not helping me so I stopped the monthly injections. A few weeks later and “out of the blue’, I had nearly 3 weeks of pain free, attack-free time. It was […]

Pain NON-Management

I’ve had numerous surgeries in the past including two total shoulder replacements and four hip surgeries. My most recent surgery was a total hip replacement with the removal of existing titanium hardware installed years ago to ‘postpone total hip replacement’. Removing the existing hardware that was in diseased and damaged bone (My Femur bone) proved […]

Clusters & Surgery

Unfortunately, I’ve had to endure many surgeries over the years, many caused by being forced to take steroids as a last resort to try to stop the multiple daily cluster attacks which gave me the bone disease a vascular necrosis. Providing me with oxygen  would’ve most likely prevented this, preventing the need for so many […]

CGRP – Aimovig

Any other ‘Clusterheads’ try this Aimovig ? I’ve heard about this for many years as it was being developed and studied. It didn’t even have a name yet and was referred to by a number then. The ‘headache specialist’ was very optimistic about it. Now, I’ve heard of at least 1 clusterhead that took it […]

Surgery Denied Due To Clusters & Imitrex Use !

Both shoulders have already been replaced but are clicking, popping and causing pain. The surgeon said he will not do anything until after I have my hip replaced because my hip is also fractured. The hip surgeon said he will not do any work on my hip until I get my #Cluster #Headaches “Under Control”. […]

VIDEO – Cluster Headaches

A video I Just had to share. I agree with all the info on this except for maybe the ‘Preventative’ med part. Verpamil helps some but there are so many that it doesn’t help. There just isn’t a preventative that helps us all. Oxygen is well-known to be helpful with clusters yet INSURANCE STILL DENIES […]