Surgery Denied Due To Clusters & Imitrex Use !

Both shoulders have already been replaced but are clicking, popping and causing pain. The surgeon said he will not do anything until after I have my hip replaced because my hip is also fractured. The hip surgeon said he will not do any work on my hip until I get my #Cluster #Headaches “Under Control”. He also states that he will not allow Imitrex use. (I’m not sure exactly what is meant by that. For how long? Before surgery? After surgery?). I asked the surgeon what I’m supposed to do about the pain these problems are causing … [Yes, a fractured hip hurts. Try using crutches for a fractured hip while both shoulders need replaced too]. Both surgeons DENIED any form of viable pain medication.

Busted up, breaking into pieces, DENIED surgeries and DENIED pain medications ALL BECAUSE OF CLUSTER HEADACHES AND THE MEDICATIONS I MUST USE TO TREAT THEM. SMH !!

Pain on top of pain with no real successful way to treat myself.

Hip xray 9b




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