CGRP – Aimovig

Any other ‘Clusterheads’ try this Aimovig ? I’ve heard about this for many years as it was being developed and studied. It didn’t even have a name yet and was referred to by a number then. The ‘headache specialist’ was very optimistic about it.

Now, I’ve heard of at least 1 clusterhead that took it in the trials and reported some relief in the beginning but has since said it didn’t help him. Another specialist says the effectiveness claims by Aimovig are over-inflated.

My neurologist says it targets the same areas of the brain that Imitrex targets so it would be worth a try for me. He also doesn’t believe it would have any real side effects. He did say that he doesn’t have much faith in it helping though and told me “Don’t hold your breath” when we discussed the possibility of it helping.

Aimovig is a once a month injection (For 4 months) and is VERY EXPENSIVE (About $600 a shot). I’ve taken the 1st injection a few weeks ago with little or no positive results. I’ll be doing the 2nd month injection soon. (Not holding my breath for positive results).

In the meantime, Multiple daily CLUSTER ATTACKS unless I use high doses of steroids or DHE-45 injections. I can always abort attacks with Imitrex (If I haven’t used DHE-45 too recently).


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