Clusters & Surgery

Unfortunately, I’ve had to endure many surgeries over the years, many caused by being forced to take steroids as a last resort to try to stop the multiple daily cluster attacks which gave me the bone disease a vascular necrosis. Providing me with oxygen  would’ve most likely prevented this, preventing the need for so many sumatriptan injections which led to even more attacks, countless ER visits, solumedrol injections and endless rounds of Prednisone.

On January 2nd, 2019, I will go thru another surgery. This surgery will involve removing a titanium rod that is in my right Femur bone first. This rod was placed during a “Core Decompression” surgery and was intended to ‘post-pone’ total hip replacement. Hopefully, the top of the Femur bone will not be damaged too much more than it needs to be. I will also have a total hip replacement with a titanium rod, or stem, placed down into my Femur bone just like the other side already is. ( See picture below )

Hip xray 9b

Things have only gotten worse but I look forward to getting this surgery over with and to begin rehabilitation. Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk again and I won’t be in too much pain although I already know that things are different now and I will NOT get any type of pain medications this time. Doctors and surgeons are just too afraid to prescribe any medications. I will NOT get any pain medications even while in the hospital on the very day of this surgery. The surgeon just does not write for pain medications even if he did just pull a knife out of you. Where is the compassion? I’ll have to pay with more pain because of what some drug addicts have done !

I hope if you’re reading this and you have clusters, you don’t go down the same path as I had to go down. It hasn’t turned out well at all.

Pain Free Wishes !

~ Mr Clusters ~


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