Cluster headaches are also sometimes referred to as “Suicide headaches” and those that have these … ‘Things’ … know they’re really clusters of “ATTACKS”. More research is desperately needed to find the root cause of this extremely painful condition so that better treatments and a cure can be found.

Excruciatingly painful attacks can strike multiple times daily, sometimes like clock-work, around the clock, for weeks, months and sometimes even years. It’s nothing short of Torture sessions.

Most doctors, research and published literature agree that OXYGEN is one of the safest, cheapest and most effective treatments to stop cluster attacks after they begin yet Medicare and many other insurance companies will NOT pay for oxygen to treat cluster headaches. It is not understood why Medicare and others would rather give cluster patients expensive, less effective, experimental and sometimes dangerous medications or even do BRAIN SURGERY while refusing patients access to oxygen. I’d like to thank Dr. Robert Shapiro for all he does fighting to get better treatment for people with cluster headaches and other headache disorders. We need more people like him !!

Dr Shapiro says we need oxygen

We need more research into treating cluster headaches with psychedelics too. This is a MEDICATION for MANY with cluster headaches. WHY ?? How does it work ?? Clusterheads that treat with these substances should NOT be punished by the law. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL FOR MEDICAL USE !! Research it !! I fully support all ‘Cluster Busters’ trying to stop and/or prevent cluster headaches with any MEDICATION that may give them relief !!

Safely do whatever has to be done to give yourself (Or others) relief from cluster headache attacks !! The pain is just too great !!