#CHtalk on Twitter

Great job on Twitter – #Chtalk. I encourage everyone with cluster headaches to join in on these talks and share information by answering a few questions. I think the sharing and collecting of cluster headache specific information can and will be very helpful to others. I believe a well planned and organized cluster headache specific […]

Tic – Toc, it’s time to sleep …

It’s very bad when SLEEPING TRIGGERS ATTACKS like it does so often for me and for many others. When awaken by a cluster attack, the pain has already gotten ‘Out of hand’. I spring from my bed and get to an Imitrex injection as fast as possible. I’ve had so much experience doing this that […]

Imitrex Supply Update

With huge help from my neurologist and pharmacist, I was finally able to pick up more Imitrex. I’m still not sure why the insurance company tried to intervene and prevent me from medication that I so desperately need. I can only assume that they profited somehow by delaying my refills. They’re already denying me oxygen […]

Insurance Stops Imitrex Supply !!

The state of healthcare in the United States is becoming more and more of a danger to us all. I never understood why insurance companies will not pay for OXYGEN for clusterheads. It happens to be one of the cheapest, safest and most effective treatments for cluster headaches that’s well documented and written about. The […]

7:07 pm – BAM !!

Like clockwork … attacks (for me) are daily, sudden and very severe. With no good or safe preventatives (for me), I have to rely heavily on Imitrex injections still and I won’t leave home without them. (Nowhere!) It’s the ONLY medication that I can take to STOP attacks once they begin. I’ve heard some people […]

7:07 am – BAM !!

I could set my clocks by these attacks. For the last week or longer, at EXACTLY 7:07 am, I’m awaken in terrible pain. It feels like my eye is going to explode any second. I spring out of bed and rush to my office while half awake and clutching one eye. I get an Imitrex […]