What good is health insurance when …

What good is health insurance (Like Medicare or state Medicaid for those on disability) when your insurance refuses to pay for PROVEN treatments like OXYGEN ?? It blows my mind wondering why is it that Medicare / Medicaid WILL PAY for BRAIN SURGERY, like the experimental and dangerous operation for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), but […]

Cluster Headache Diagnosis Criteria – International Headache Society 2018

The International Classification of Headache Disorders 3rd edition There is a very useful set of criteria guidelines for diagnosing headache types when the diagnosis is uncertain, including cluster headaches. This is from the “Classification Committee of The International Headache Society” 2018. READ THE CLASSIFICATION CRITERIA HERE GETTING THE CORRECT DIAGNOSIS CAN LEAD TO BETTER TREATMENTS […]

#CHtalk on Twitter

Great job on Twitter – #Chtalk. I encourage everyone with cluster headaches to join in on these talks and share information by answering a few questions. I think the sharing and collecting of cluster headache specific information can and will be very helpful to others. I believe a well planned and organized cluster headache specific […]

Tic – Toc, it’s time to sleep …

It’s very bad when SLEEPING TRIGGERS ATTACKS like it does so often for me and for many others. When awaken by a cluster attack, the pain has already gotten ‘Out of hand’. I spring from my bed and get to an Imitrex injection as fast as possible. I’ve had so much experience doing this that […]