I was actually there, in the hotel in Nashville-Vanderbuilt, for ‘NashCon04’ where this video (Below) what shot by Justin Ott of Chuck’s cluster attack. I feel the pain. That sucks and hurts me to watch Chuck in this pain but I feel it was an important & Brave thing that Chuck did to let others SEE what it does to us. It almost feels like i’m getting an outside glimpse of what I might look like during some of my cluster attacks. (When I say ‘some attacks’, I mean MANY attacks!)

A Guide to Surviving Cluster Headaches

I know Dr. Merle Diamond (Video below) and have been to the Diamond Headache Clinic MANY times. Histamine Desensitization DID HELP me, several times, but it’s not effective 100% of the time and it’s EXPENSIVE to go to the inpatient unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital. No matter what insurance you have, you’ll need to pay somewhere between $500 – $1000 UP FRONT each time you go inpatient. (I believe the hospital has required the Diamond Headache Clinic to charge this to cover charges which may not be covered by your insurance). Staying at the unit a few times a year can get very expensive, very quick. (fees, travel, meds, etc… = $$$$). Dr. Diamond does know what cluster headaches are and is very knowledgeable about old & new treatments. If you have clusters and are going there, ask for Dr. Diamond !!